Why Panelize?
           It just makes sense!

"Construction of a 2,600 SF home with trusses and wall panels used 26% less lumber, generated 76% less waste, and was constructed in just 37% of the labor hours of a similar, stick-built home." per a Building Systems Council of America study with the Structural Building Components Association


How We Build:

Statler Construction Inc. is proud to be in their 22st year of home construction utilizing the advanced method of construction most commonly known as panelized to produce homes with consistently high quality framed walls, floor systems and roof trusses. Simply put, just like your home trusses have been engineered and pre-built for many years, we 'panelize' the rest of your home plan as well to build the floor and walls the same way completing all the rough framing in a warehouse with a controlled environment and materials that are never sitting outside in the elements.

Why Panelize? It just makes sense!

When you combine Engineered Home Plans with Highest Quality Materials that stay dry with State of the Art precision saws, presses and jigs with a true 30+ year old Green Building process with a seasoned and trained work force building every home as if it was their own, it equals a Better Built Home for our customers every time! If that wasn't enough, we combine all this and complete on Our Plans or Yours and provide you with a Guaranteed Price on your new home!

Steps to Building Your Dream Home:

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1. Know your budget

2. Meet with your builder

3. Choose a home site

4. Choose a floor plan

5. Visit our model home and design center

6. Pricing of your home

7. Online blueprints

8. Review prints and Select colors

9. Begin construction of Your New Home

Our Plans or Yours:

I love working with my customers to find the perfect home plan for their needs and to fit their site. We have many beautiful designs that can be a great starting point but rarely do I build a home that was not customized somehow to better fit your needs. Sometimes this is a quick process and other times it takes a lot of time to find and refine a plan. I would rather spend a little extra time up front working with my customers on their plan to get it right from the start and avoid costly change orders later.

Here's a few of our pre-designed popular home plans to start your search:

Our plans or yours! Already have a plan you like? We can build it! Don't see what you had in mind? We'll work with you to design it! Give us a call today to set up a time to talk about your home building dreams today!

Model Home:

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