Kalona Post & Frame Buildings is here to serve all of your post framed building needs. Kalona Post & Frame, formerly known as Graber Supply, opened in Kalona, IA in 2004. Kalona Post & Frame has built a solid reputation in the area and post framed building industry for providing a complete package that utilizes selected local building crews and equips them with the highest quality designs, materials and engineering for all your building needs.

A few comparisons of Kalona Post & Frame to Industry Standards

- Graber Steel w/ 40yr Paint Warranty - 25-30yr Paint Warranty
- Galvalume Sub-Strate - G60 or G90 Sub-Strate
- MSR1650 Lumber (Machine Stress Rated) - #2 Lumber
- 35# Total Truss Loading - 25# Total Truss Loading
- Designed For The Customer's Needs - Designed For The Seller's Wants
- Screw Fasteners for Steel - Nail Fasteners For Steel
- 60yr Post Warranty - No Warranty
- Selected, Insured, & Trained Crews - Cheapest Available
- Purlin & Girt Spacing: 24" O.C. - Purlin & Girt Spacing: 30" to 36" O.C

A Further Description of the Many Kalona Post & Frame Advantages:

Highest Quality Buildings, Always at a Fair Price - We won’t build you a cheap building. We were raised and live in the Kalona area and are proud to have our name on every building we construct. A fair price is important to everyone but so is a building that will last for years to come. Kalona Post & Frame is determined to give you the highest quality at a fair price. We do that by keeping overhead down. We may not have the prettiest brochures on the market but you are going to live with the building a lot longer than the pretty picture and that is where we put our focus (and your money) so you can have the best of both!

Highest Quality Products - We don't get our cost advantage from compromising on materials and won't settle for anything less than the best products for your building. A few examples are:

- Steel & Paint - Ceram-A-Star 1050 recently upgraded from the original 950 system offers superior performance with a Galvalume substrate for superior rust protection over a 29 gu. 82,000 psi tensile strength steel and covered with a baked on silicone-modified polyester paint system recently upgraded to a 40 year warranty for superior color stability, chalk resistance, fade resistance and gloss retention.

- Screw Fasteners - All steel is fastened with color coordinated screws

- Laminated Columns - Highest quality machine laminated, finger jointed, glued and nailed Southern Yellow Pine columns manufactured by Ohio Timberland Products are used on all buildings and offer a 60 year warranty against rot or decay.

- MSR1650 (Machine Stress Rated) Purlins and Girts at 24" OC - You may not have heard of MSR lumber because the competition doesn't use it. Simply put, it's a stonger, straighter, better quality wood with tests showing an additional 20% strength of standard #2 SPF.

Local Building Crews - We have selected and trained a few select local building crews to erect your building project to the highest quality standards. By using local crews we can keep them off the road and out of motels to help keep your costs down. All our crews and buildings are fully insured and you are covered until the project is completed.

Local Supply Source - Whether it is the mishap your kid had on the tractor or an addition in the future we have supplies to match just down the road and available on demand. You won't have to wait or pay excess shipping and bundling charges for your miscellaneous supply needs.

Variety and Flexibility - If you can think it….we can build it. This day and age not many buildings or uses are alike. We will work with you to design and build the building perfect for your needs. We love doing the fancy buildings with all the options but if all you need are the basics , that is what we will do.

Complete Project Pricing - We'll do as much or as little as you want. Statler Construction will work with you to put all the pieces of your project together. If you need site prep, concrete, additional work finished in your building or whatever, we will work with you to come up with a complete price you can take to the bank.

Statler Construction built their first building in 1983 and has completed over 250 projects in Southeast Iowa ranging from a simple run-in pasture building to complete dairy barns and horse riding arena/stall barn complexes. We are proud to team up with Kalona Post & Frame as their local outside sales representative and look forward to showing you why Kalona Post & Frame Builds Better! We hope to hear from you soon!


Kalona Post & Frame

Graber Post for steel colors and info.

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